Rules and Regulation

1. Students should make their library cards within 30 days from the commencement of regular classes.

(i) Students are not permitted to enter the library without library cards.

(ii) One library cards are provided to the students. These cards are strictly non-transferable.

2. Students are responsible for the books they use.

3. One books of different subjects are issued to a B.Sc (Hons) & B.A (Hons) 1st Year student and Two Books Of Different Subjects are issued to a B.Sc (Hons) & B.A (Hons) 2nd and 3rd Year students.

4. Students are allowed to keep books lent to them upto 14 days at the most.

5. Books must be returned by the students on the date specified on the date-label of the book. Defaulters have to pay a fine of Rs. 1 per day per book and will lose the right to borrow books till the fine is paid. If the book is not returned even after a month from the date of issue, the matter will be reported to the Principal for such action as may deem necessary.

6. Books lost, damaged or defaced must be replaced by the borrower. If the lost book is not available, the borrower will have to pay a fine determined by the Principal.

7. Reference books, costly and rare books are not to be taken out of the library without the written permission of the proper authority.

8. The loss of library cards should be immediately reported to the librarian. A fine of Rs. 5 will be charged for each fresh card.

9. Students appearing for the University Examinations (Part II and III) must return the library books and the cards and collect a clearance certificate from the librarian before receiving the admit cards.

10. Strict silence is to be maintained in the Library.

11. The books should not be misplaced while selecting from the shelves. After consulting the books, same must be kept on the table.

12. Library is a NO- MOBILE ZONE. The Mobile phone must be kept in silent mode.