The Central Library is kept open six days in a week (except Sunday and the Govt. and University holidays) as per the following schedule:
Library Hours:      Monday to Saturday     10.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m.
Lending Hours:    Monday to Friday          10.00 a.m. to 04.30 p.m.

Library Users        Number of Books        Duration (Days)        Fine after due date
For Teaching Staff                06                 60                           Rs. 1/Day
For Non-teaching staff        04                 30                           Rs. 1/Day
Ph. D Student                        03                14                            Rs. 1/Day
Honours Student                  03                14                            Rs. 1/Day
Program Student                  03                14                            Rs. 1/Day


(i) No books or other reading materials will be issued to the users without their library card.

(ii) The members / borrowers shall not be allowed to carry personal books /journals / periodicals to the Library.

(iii) Bags or any other personal belongings of the users are to be kept at the property counter placed at the entrance of the Library.

(iv) Conversation and any other type of inappropriate behaviour likely to disturb or cause inconvenience to the other users must be avoided in the reading area.

(v) Mobile phones /pagers/ tablets/ laptops /net book within the library premises can be used with prior permission from the library authority.

(vi) Smoking, drinking (other than water) and / or eating shall be strictly prohibited within the library premises.

(vii) Books, furniture’s and equipments must not be damaged or defaced in any manner.

(viii) Any type of loss of or damage of books must be reported to the Librarian immediately. The user shall be responsible for such loss or damage and shall have to pay for the loss thus caused.

(ix) Every member of the library shall be empowered to enforce these regulations.

(x) No member of the library staff shall be responsible for the loss / theft/ damage to the personal property of a member/ borrower who shall be expected to take care of their belongings.

(xi) Books issued for reading room cannot be taken to house. If so fine will be charged.

(xii) Do not write anything in the collected books and a student should take care of the books issued to her.

(xiii) Every member have to submit copy of books in case of lost.

(xiv) The librarian shall be vested with the powers to restrict or suspend the library privileges of any member / user contravening / violating any of the rules / regulations of the library at any time.

(xv) The higher authorities of the Raniganj Girls’ College may, on the recommendation may amend /add /delete any of the above regulations in anticipation of the approval of the appropriate statutory/ bodies of the Raniganj Girls’ College.

(xvi) Books from Book Bank are distributed to the poor students recommended by the college authority.

(xvii) For Academically weak students Book Bank provision are opened as Remedial Measures to enhance their academic performance.

Following services provided by the Central Library
Circulation Service
Reference Service
Reprography Service
Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) Service
Web-OPAC service
E- Resources / Access to online journals & books service through N-LIST Programme Under INFLIBNET
User Awareness Service
Information Service
News Paper facilities
Wi-Fi facilities
Previous Year Question Paper and Syllabus facilities
Career Guidance Service
Barcode based attendance service