Welcome to Raniganj Girls' College Library!


Raniganj Girls’ College Central Library is the nerve centre for all academic activities of the Institute. It is located at 1st floor of the Vivekananda Bhavan, spreading over 3758 sq feet. Central Library was established in 1980 in order to meet the academic and research needs of the Teachers, Research Scholars, the Students and other staff members. In a lively College campus, the Central Library serves as the hive of academic activities for students, scholars, staff and faculty members in pursuit of excellence in their respective area of studies. Central Library provides books, journals as well as current information on various topics to fulfill the needs of the College Community.
There is a departmental library in each academic department. It is a matter of hope that the provision of supervision of departmental libraries by departmental staff.


  1. To establish and maintain an effective relationship with students, faculty, researchers and staff of the College by ensuring an informed and integrated approach through creation and delivery of information services.
  2. To select, collect, create, organize, preserve, manage and provide access to information sources in print, non-print and digital forms to support scholarly pursuit, learning, teaching and research in the College
  3. To create and deliver a range of networked information and document delivery services.
  4. To manage the information resources effectively and activity to promote the optimum usage.
  5. To serve as Learning Resource Centre in the area of study and research of the College.
  6. To collaborate with other libraries, networks and consortia to optimize the access to knowledge base.

Library serves as a power house of knowledge and information and aims to develop a resource centre to provide access to books, journals, magazines and web-based learning materials for the users of the college.


  1. To serve as a knowledge gateway of the college.
  2. To increase the reading habits and research engagement among the students and teaching community through diverse collections of learning resources and services.
  3. To help students and teachers to enrich their knowledge by incorporating the latest technology and create a user friendly environment towards students and teaching community.

I.Books Collections – The Central Library has purchased a total no. of 27,120 books (as on 29.11.2022) on different subjects.
II. Periodicals Collections – Total 14 journals are subscribed by the library which are kept and displayed in the Periodical Section. These are :
  1. Geographical Review of India
  2. Indian Journal of Finance
  3. Oriental Journal of Chemistry
  4. IASLIC Bulletin
  5. Arthashastra: Indian Journal of Economics & Research
  6. Indian Journal of Society & Politics
  7. Indian Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
  8. The Quarterly Review of Historical Studies
  9. Urdu Duniya
  10. Khawateen Duniya
  11. Aiwan-e-Urdu
  12. Indian Journal of Microbiology
  13. Economic and Political Weekly
  14. The Indian Fern Journal

III. Reference Collections – A collection of conventional reference books, like encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, directories, yearbooks, atlases, etc. are kept in the Library for consultation.
IV. Books on Competitive Examinations – A collection of preparatory documents of UPSC, WBCS, NET, SET, GATE, WBSSC, PSC, IBPS, Clerk, Gr.-D, Rail etc. are kept in the Career Guidance Section in the reference unit.
V. Books on Donation – Different Govt. bodies, dignitaries have donated their books to the college library which have been mentioned as Personal Gift Collection and are kept in the library
VI. Newspapers and Magazines Collections – The Central Library subscribes to five (06) national newspapers among these four (04) are daily and two (02) are weekly for the interest of the general users. These are available and displayed at the Newspaper Stand. These are :
  1. The Telegraph
  2. Sanmarg
  3. Anandabazar Partika
  4. Rojana
  5. Karmakhetra
  6. Karmasansthan

VII. Electronic Books & Journals – The Library is member of N- LIST (National Library and Information Services infrastructure for Scholarly Content) consortium of INFLIBNET through which the members of the library can access 6000+ e-journals and 1,99,500+ e-books.
VIII. CDs / DVDs and Cassettes Collection- More than 40CDs / DVDs and 02 cassettes are available in the Library.
IX. Book Bank collection: There is a book bank facility consisting of 223 books for the Economically backward students.